New Roof Clues – Signs that you need a new roof

Algae, Blistering, Buckling, Curling, Damaged Flashing, Missing Shingle, Rot and Spot!

That’s how you know when you need a new roof. And if you notice any of the above, it might be time to call Williams Roofing and Insulation for a no-cost, no-obligation estimate:

Missing Shingles

All of the shingles (the thin, overlapping material that forms the roof), must be in place to properly protect your house. If any are missing, or if you have damaged flashing, water can seep into the structure. That can cause rotting, mold and other interior damage.

Shingle Wear and Tear

If you notice the shingles curling and buckling, rotting or spotting, that means the Chicago weather has gotten the best of them. They are just plain worn out! They lose their waterproofing ability and become brittle. Eventually, shingles like this will be blown off the roof.


At the very least, leaks, algae or mold will mean repairs to your roof. Severe leaks from different places are a sure sign you need a new roof. Be aware that the natural elements of the Chicago temperature ranges and precipitation can cause damage that is difficult to notice to an untrained eye. Have your roof inspected yearly to prevent any real mishaps from occurring.

Peeling Paint

If you see peeling paint or worn out wallpaper, the reason could be a slow leak caused by a faulty roof. The sun’s rays and aging can cause the shingles to slightly elevate resulting in a blister on the shingle that might just be big enough for moisture to seep into the structure.

Faulty Installation

If your roof appears to have mismatched shingles, shingles that do not lie properly or obvious patchwork, it is a sign of poor workmanship. This could reduce the roof’s life expectancy and cause a new one to have to be installed prematurely.

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