Williams Roofing and Insulation remains staunchly committed to quality workmanship and your total satisfaction.

To achieve that, we follow the following nine-step Williams Roofing process:

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    No-obligation, free estimate:
    One of our roofing pros will discuss your needs and provide you with an estimate of the cost and time it will take for us to do the job.

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    A contract for both us will be prepared. All of the terms of service will be carefully documented for both of us to review and sign.
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    Job scheduling:
    Your job will be put in the queue for our professionally trained roofers to complete.
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    Protect your property:
    Using tarps and plywood, we will ensure your property is properly shielded from any debris.
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    Tear down:
    The roof is torn off. The debris (maybe 10,000 lbs of it!) is removed and carefully disposed of in dumpsters.
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    Wood inspection:
    Most roofs are either plywood, roof board or particle board. We will examine the roof decking to make sure it meets the manufacturer’s recommendations. If any wood is rotting, buckled, bowed, cracked or damaged in any way, we will provide you with a revised quote.
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    Roof installation:
    This process includes the installation of ice and water shields covering the wood with premium roof felt and then shingling the roof with the material of your choice. All the while, we will pay careful attention to the detailed work around vents, baby tins, and chimney and pipe flashings.
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    Your property will be cleaned and brought back to the way it was when we first arrived. This includes using a magnet to ensure all nails and any stray metals are removed.
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    Final walk through:
    We will review the finished project with you to ensure your satisfaction.

Williams Roofing and Insulation Chicago
Williams Roofing & Insulation Chicago
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