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Thank you for considering Williams Roofing & Insulation Inc. for your roofing needs. Our mission is to provide you with superior customer service beginning with your initial phone call all the way through the life of your roof. We will provide outstanding roof installations with one of the best warrantees in the industry at a low price.

If you do not know much about roofing, the following information will be helpful to you in making an informed decision about which roofing contractor will install your roof.

Let’s start with answering the most commonly asked questions:

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Excessive wear, missing shingles, holes, and age are only some common reasons your roof needs replacing. Our roofing experts have come out to your house for a thorough inspection. A detailed written estimate is enclosed.

The two most common reasons are #1 substandard material or #2 unqualified / unskilled roofer’s not following manufacturer’s recommendations and installing shingles over rotted or defective wood. This causes premature roof failure.

Most of our jobs are completed in less than 2 days.

We guarantee our prices to be low. We will beat most any written estimate.

When your roof is removed, we will inspect your roof’s wood deck and make a recommendation for wood repair as needed.

There are two kinds of warranties. Material and labor. The material warranty is offered by the manufacturer and covers defects in the material. 25–40 year material warranties are typical. This warranty is valid only if the material is installed according to manufacturer’s recommendations.

The labor warranty covers labor for a period of ten years. We guarantee our labor to conform to manufacturer’s recommendations.

Fewer than 5 of every 100 professional roofing contractors in the U.S. meet the professional qualifications.

Our company is among the very top in the United States for both quantity and quality in roofing installations.

The crew typically shows up between 7:30 and 8:30 am and will begin to protect your property by using tarps and plywood. When your landscaping, bushes and flowers are covered, the tear off process will begin.

At around 9 am we will meet with you to go over your roof decking to make sure that it meets manufacturer’s recommendations. If the wood decking does not hold up to the manufacturer’s recommendations, we will show you detailed pictures of your decking and explain to you why it does not meet manufacturer’s recommendations. If your wood needs replacing, we will give you a new quote that includes the cost of replacing your wood.

Next, ice and water shield will be installed. Then we will install premium roof felt over your entire wood deck.

The crew will begin to shingle your roof using the color and type of shingles that you have chosen. After your roof is installed, the crew will then make sure that your property is cleaned to the way that it was before they started your roof.

Williams Roofing & Insulation Inc. will go over your property with a magnet to ensure that all nails are removed. Finally, we will walk your property with you and inspect all work. Upon completion of your roof, your final payment is due.

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